Here’s How to Get More Than in Less Time

Sometimes, we used to think of that productivity is to make things complicated than actually needs to be. However, the more we strive harder in complexity, the more it affects our productivity and prolongs our time to get done with our tasks, same with tax preparation. Accountants in peak season used to file overtime to get done with all the process in filing taxes. Many ask, how could tax filing made easy? How could I beat the deadline with the entire checklist that I have to get done?

Here’s how to get More Than in Less Time:

#1: Turn off distractions

Multitasking over an urgent season is not advisable. Learn to focus on one task and jump off to the other if it’s done. Close all the tabs that aren’t inclined to the information you need. Practice to silent your phone so you won’t be distracted while you are in the process, else you might forget something in a long run or you will spend a second until it became minutes in checking out your mobile phone.

The greatest challenge, give off your social media for a moment. The more notification popped up, the lesser your focus will be due to collated time that you are distracted.

You could also go to a place that you are most comfortable to work in, without people that will come over. How could this be if you are filing your taxes with the same computer you are using in the office? Then it’s about time to have a web-based tax filing system that could help you prepare your tax filing anytime, anywhere.

#2 Have an empowering morning routine

What are your habits for high performance?

As breakfast is the most important meal, so are your morning activities.

You could start with meditation and building your will power. This routine will last for the whole day and boost your motivation. Meditation keeps a sound mind. It will help you to refocus, to be keen in details, and perceive things in a right manner.

Before placing your feet on the ground, build your will power. Your will power keeps you proactive. Nothing’s more effective in the organization than having people reaching their goals by providing a solution to any problem that is going to arise than to settle for “cannot”.

As you start your day, analyze and summarize the things to get done with that particular day. Know what to prioritize and what’s not for now. Sometimes, the key to do more is to do less. We cannot divide our attention and our skill on several tasks at the same time.

#3 Work Smarter

Practice the 80/20 rule wherein your 20% of work could produce 80% task done.

Top advice to this is to get digitalized. Have you ever attended a seminar or short classes where the attendees used to take a picture of the presentation than writing down notes?

In different activity, there is always a way not to work much in a hard way.

This 20’s generation keeps us both updated and convenient in anything. We live in an era where everything is just a few clicks. So in processing your usual task, do it digitally. Be more! By preparing, filing, printing and analyzing your taxes using a system such as eTax where tax filing made easy.

#4 Goal Setting

We cannot measure our downfalls and successes without any target.

Set your goal for that day. What is your major objective? What are the urgent and important? What are not urgent and less important?
To check the progress and retain your attention span, better to group your activities. For instance, you are planning to use a systematized tax preparer platform.

Set a day where you will just search for all local system and inquire.
Document what fits your need and propose. This will surely take plenty of your time that’s why you have to divide the activity per day.

Once settled, connect with the provider and go with the system that suits best.

#5 Keep your energy and focus

To get more in less time, practice to manage your energy.

Exerting great amount of energy for the whole day could probably tire you out. If you can’t handle for a long period of time, you might see yourself burn out. Before it happens, practice managing energy by balancing your tasks.

Everyone has 24hrs in a day. How come other people achieve more and others achieve less? Is it something we have to deal with time? Not at all. It is something that we deal with energy. That is why mentors love to advise to work smart. By working smart, it saves your energy for some other activity that you have to face within the day.

Have you ever experience to get up in the morning, work all day then go home tired and sleep? Imagine, how could we survive every day doing the same routine?
Managing and balancing make us humans. Let your work be systemized not you as human.

To keep your energy and focus, have that partner that can do your task efficiently.
Take advantage of the systems we have now locally. You could use systems that could save your energy and help you to focus.

Being a productive person is to make things simpler. Delete now your filed overtime for tax preparation. Etax is available to partner with you in making your tax easy.

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